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About Us

My sister and I opened Bella Funk in Littleton, NH in November of 2006. It was a big year for us at ages 23 and 24. We were best friends growing up and the idea of owning a boutique together was the ultimate dream. We knew that our little town was a special place; a place where we wanted to stay and have babies and raise our families. Our parents, both entrepreneurs, instilled in us the importance of taking risks and we are grateful for that today. I remember very clearly our first "big" purchase for the shop (keep in mind there was no actual "shop", just an idea in our heads): two plastic, very tall, free-standing (however wobbly), female mannequins. We were ecstatic upon their arrival and kept them in the garage praying that one day they would have a home in a beautiful store window somewhere. We pounced on the first shop space that opened up on Littleton's Main Street and the rest is (almost) history.

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Nestled in the very beautiful White Mountains, customers are often surprised upon first visit to see our brilliant designers in the "backwoods" of New Hampshire. It was not easy from the start. We were told numerous times that we would more than likely fail as "$200 jeans" would not be saleable in Littleton. But we believed in our product with all of our heart and were bound and determined to share that love for such beautiful things! We are eternally grateful that our passion was strong enough to succeed. We take pride in offering luxurious fabrics in effortless fits that empower women and make them feel special. Our customers make our day, every day. They are the root of our being and we are so incredibly thankful for all of them (you!), without whom we would not be here.

Not only are we so thankful for our super amazing customers, but for our number one girl, Sinead Cleary. She became part of our Bella team back in 2013 when we realized how truly special she was. After leaving for a short while, she returned in 2015 to a bigger and better position at Bella Funk, as retail sales manager. She is the "it" girl. She can often answer more questions than we can and if we could clone ourselves, she'd be it. Not to mention, she is the absolute sweetest thing on the planet and her smile can literally warm a whole room. From a small beach town in Rhode Island, Sinead grew up with a passion for all things art and fashion (like, she even wore heels in eighth grade:). She began studying jewelry making in 2012 where her line, Sinead Cleary Jewelry, was born. Her work is featured in Bella Funk, of course, and is our number one selling jewelry line! She specializes in simple designs with a special touch. Made with only the finest metals and materials, her ageless pieces are sure to become your everday favorite. So the next time you're in Littleton, stop in to meet this incredible young lady and artist and she'll be sure to make your visit extra sweet.      


Thank-you SO much for visiting our online store and please let us know if we can help with ANYTHING clothing/jewelry/boots/accessories at all!

Sincerely, Katie and Stefanie  

Visit www.littletonareachambernh.com to learn more about our wonderful little town!